10 Villains Worse Than Thanos Who Could Be In Avengers 4

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Thanos’s introduction in Infinity War has raised the bar for Marvel villains. While we’re still pondering how the Avengers will be able to take him on in Avengers 4, there are rumors going ‘round that our favorite superhero team might have even more villains to take on. There are plenty of possibilities for enemies even worse than Thanos.

First and foremost, there’s Galactus. This planet-consuming entity has yet to truly get his due on the big screen and Avengers 4 could be the perfect introduction. There’s also Mephisto, a powerful being who essentially functions as the Marvel Universe’s version of Satan. There’s also the possibility that Annihilus could make an appearance, especially if Avengers 4’s rumored subtitle ‘Annihilation’ proves to be accurate. The Skrulls are making their film debut in 2019’s Captain Marvel. We’re willing to bet the timing of their first appearance might be a hint that they’ll play a part in Avengers 4. Fans might have been disappointed by Iron Man 3’s version of the Mandarin, but there’s always the possibility the TRUE Mandarin could make an appearance in a future Avengers film. There are also the more cosmic entities such as Dormammu from Doctor Strange or Magus, Adam Warlock’s evil future self, and the Beyonder, the individual who started the infamous Secret Wars.

There are even more villains we think could prove just as formidable as Thanos if not more so. We explore some of the most intriguing possibilities in this new video, so check it out!


Entry 1 - GALACTUS
Entry 2 - MEPHISTO
Entry 6 - DORMAMMU
Entry 7 - KREE
Entry 8 - MAGUS
Entry 9 - BEYONDER
Entry 10 - DOCTOR DOOM

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