Extreme Best Friend Tag!

04 Aug 2015 10:03 14
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After an eternity of not being active on Youtube, I present to you the EXTREME BEST FRIEND TAG featuring eggs, flour and milk. Oh, and Nicky.


My Questions!
1) What is my Skype username?
2) What is the name of one of my pets?
3) What is a food that I hate?
4) What is my favorite book/book series?
5) What is a food that I am allergic to?
6) What is my favorite TV show?
7) What is my favorite drink at Starbucks?
8) What is my favorite icecream flavor?

Nicky's Questions!
1) How many pets have I had?
2) What is my favorite dessert?
3) Who is my celebrity crush?
4) What is one thing that I am scared of?
5) Who is the worst teacher I've ever had?
6) Where is one place I have always wanted to go?
7) How many exes have I had?
8) How old is my sister?

Thankz for watching, friendz. x

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