WHO: Emergency Operations Surge Training

21 Nov 2016 05:32 4
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As part of the new WHO Health Emergencies Programme, the Emergencies Operations department is responsible for ensuring collective action for better health outcomes so to ensure that populations have access to timely and effective health services during times of emergency though the combined efforts of Governments, UN and Health Partners. In practice this involves ensuring that WHO at all levels has a strong system in place for managing emergencies (based on incident management), and has effective coordination mechanisms that include all relevant stakeholders, undertaking joint assessments and planning with partners, sharing health information and providing logistical and operational support during emergency response.

WHO Emergency Operations Surge Training is designed to improve the ability of WHO staff, health sector partners and disaster management agencies to collectively respond to health emergencies. This training programme covers an Incident Management Systems response with a wide range of topics and response functions including incident management, partner coordination, planning and information, health operations, operational support and logistics , core services (administration and human resources), and external relations.

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