How I Paid off $97,000 in Student Loans in 4 Years

26 Feb 2018 06:01 3,140
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I didn't graduate with a degree in personal finance but I did leave college with $97,000 in student loan debt. It was crippling in the beginning, especially starting my post-college life in the middle of a financial crisis. But within 4 years I was able to pay it all off.

My personal experience of being trapped under the crushing weight of these loans probably taught me more about life than my 4 years of higher education combined.

There were no magic bullets or secret steps. I didn't invest in bit coin. I got out of debt the old fashioned way. A little bit of hard work. A lot of dedication. Some luck. And really good advice.

In this video I break down the 6 steps that helped me get out of debt.

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