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Taijiquan is evolutionary from the point of view that it has been modified by various masters over time. If it was never modified, there would only be Chen style taijiquan. Masters would amplify or delete movements based on their understanding of essential taiji principles, their own martial art experience and the result they wished their students to achieve. Throughout his life Yang Cheng Fu (1883-1936) refined the teachings of his father Yang Chien Hou (1839-1917), who was the son of the creator (Yang Lu Chan) of the system. The sequence on these volumes is an earlier refinement of the same taiji form in Volumes 22 and 23 in this series. The form sequence is the same with some variation on the execution of certain movements. It is some times called the "indoor" or "family" form of Yang style taijiquan.
Master Lu Gui Rong's journey of the internal martial arts has spanned over 50 years. He is a master of Yang taijiquan, Wu (Hao) taijiquan and Dayan (Wild Goose) qigong. His Yang taiji lineage is traced from Wu Hui Chuan, an early student of Yang Cheng Fu. Master Lu studied with several of Wu Hui Chuan's senior students including Zhang Yu and Wui Gui Qing, nephew of Wu Hui Chuan. The 108 movement long form that is demonstrated first is derived from this branch of taijiquan. The first section (movements 1 -19) is also demonstrated twice at the beginning and end of the form repetition segment. The five form movement groups are performed four times each before moving on to the next group.

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