2008 Disney Blue Ray Trailer

26 Jun 2009 02:01 49
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This was ripped directly off the 2008 Disney Channel Original Movie "Camp Rock" DVD.

Okay, I uploaded this because it was no where on YouTube and so no one could answer my question. Does anyone happen to know what music tracks are playing in this trailer? I've been searching, but can't find any information. I think the music is awesome and I'd like to use it in future videos :)


I do not own anything

P.S. I'm sorry about Micheal Jackson. I wasn't a BIG fan, but I admired his music and talent. He was an amazing person and it's a shame he had to die at age 50. I feel sorry for every single MJ fan out there. I would also be extremely upset if my idols died. Take a moment of silence for Micheal Jackson...

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