Fire Hill, Jaflong & Lalakhal | Scenery Beyond Imagination | Sylhet | Bangladesh

20 Jun 2016 11:58 385
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New Video About Sylhet

We had no plan to go Sylhet. It was raining contentiously & we 5 friends become more serious about going Sylhet. We started Journey at 10:20PM from Airport Rail Station with Standing Ticket of a 8 hours long Journey!
Rest of the Tour details is in the video.

Fire Hill: This is a open gas filed. I can't explain this place.

Jaflong: A very common tourist destination in Bangladesh. At the Zero Point of India & Bangladesh.

Mayabi Wterfall: It's actually in India near Sangrampunji. You have to cross no man's land to go there.

Khashia Potti: The area of Khashia People. No police of government available there.

Lalakhal: LLalakhal is the most beautiful Canal I've ever seen. It's blueish green water will kill you with the beauty of it's own.

The Charming Scenario of all those place mentioned above is not describable in words.

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