Tesla Model 3 Guide: What to Know Before Buying!

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Tesla Model 3 Buyer's Guide: What the Model 3 is all about, how to order & design, and how to prepare for ownership.
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0:37 Tesla Model 3 Overview
1:31 Designing & Ordering
7:55 EV Tax Credit
10:36 Preparing for Delivery
13:41 Driving & Traveling
18:20 Software & Touchscreen
22:36 Maintenance & Care
23:48 Conclusion

Tesla Model 3 Review: https://youtu.be/47OFb8786ko
Model 3 Checklist: http://www.teslachecklists.com/model-3-delivery-checklist

Model 3 Overview
The #Tesla #Model3 is an all-electric car & currently the most affordable Tesla. It’s one of the best selling mid-size premium sedans in the US. It’s made of aluminum & steel, scoring 5 stars in every safety category. It has the lowest probability of injury by any car ever tested by the NHTSA. It has many unique design elements including an all glass roof, minimalist interior with a 15” center touch screen that controls almost everything, and an exterior with sleek aesthetics that focuses on maximizing aerodynamics.

Pricing & Options
There are 3 current configurations: Rear Wheel Drive starting at $46,000, Dual Motor AWD starting at $53,000, and Dual Motor Performance starting at $64,000. The Long Range battery on both dual motor options has an estimated range of 310 miles. Mid range battery has an estimated range of 260 miles. The future 2019 base Model 3 will be RWD with a standard range battery of 220 miles for $35,000. The single motor & non-performance dual motor options come standard with 18” Aero wheels (19” Sport wheels upgrade is $1500). All Dual Motor Performance Model 3s come with 20” performance wheels. All Model 3 configurations come with black premium interior package but you can upgrade to white for $1,000. Any paint color besides black will cost at least an additional $1,500. Enhanced AutoPilot is Tesla’s partial self driving feature & costs $5000 when ordering or you can order it after delivery for $7000. All Model 3 purchases require a $1200 destination fee. I think Enhanced AutoPilot is a must if you’re buying a Tesla. I use it every time I drive and get so much use out of it. If you’re getting a non performance Model 3, I’d stick with the Aero wheels because of the slight range efficiency improvement plus you can easily take them off and reveal a nice looking rim underneath. When it comes to choosing the battery & motor, I’d choose the non performance Dual Motor just because of the 300+ miles of range without having to spend extra money for the performance. The dual motor all wheel drive will handle great and it’s plenty fast for almost everyone. I think the 300 mile barrier for range is one of the biggest advantages of the long range Model 3 which is why I chose the Long Range for mine.

Federal Tax Credit
(Disclaimer: I’m not a tax professional and this is not tax advice. Always consult a professional). The tax credit is like a discount on how much federal income tax you owe for the year you take delivery of your Tesla. To get the full $7500 federal tax credit you must take delivery of your Model 3 before 2019 and you must owe at least that much in federal income taxes. If you owe less than $7500 in federal income tax and take delivery in 2018 you only get credit up to what you owe. If you take delivery during the first half of 2019 you’ll get a federal income tax credit of up to $3750, and if you take delivery in the last half of 2019 the federal tax credit is $1875. Bottom line: the sooner you order your Model 3, the better.

Prep & Delivery
$2500 down payment. Once VIN is assigned you can apply for loan
Delivery estimated anywhere between 4-10 weeks depending on your location & configuration
30 miles per hour of charge with NEMA 14-50 (most popular)
44 miles per hour of charge with Tesla Wall Connector

Driving & Charging
Charging at home (check w/ electric company to see about off-peak hours or special rates for electric vehicles)
Scheduled charging (I set mine at 80% limit for daily driving)
Supercharging for road trips (10,000 supercharges worldwide, recharge 170 miles in 30 minutes)
Plugshare & Chargepoint
Reduced range when driving above 65 mph, accelerating quickly & often, cold weather

Software & Touch screen
OTA updates
Driver profiles
Climate control
Navigation maps
Tesla account online; see supercharger history
Smartphone as key

Maintenance & Care
Comes with basic new vehicle warranty and battery warranty, specific to the type of battery you chose when configuring.
24/7 Tesla roadside assistance during warranty

#TeslaModel3 is a fantastic car, electric or not. After owning it for over 6 months it’s still the best car I’ve ever driven.

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