The 10 WORST No. 1 Draft Picks In Sports History

06 Oct 2017 05:26 176
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Who do you think is the worst no. Draft 1 pick in sports history?

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Holding the first-overall pick in any sport seems like a luxury. It’s the golden chance for you to draft a perennial superstar that’ll change your franchise around. I mean, it worked well for the Indianapolis Colts and Peyton Manning. It was great for the Pittsburgh Penguins and Sidney Crosby.

But oh my, some teams really blew it when it came to drafting a hopeful star with the top pick. I’m Justin Fraction, and today we dive into the 10 worst number one draft picks in sports history.

And a huge shoutout to Patriots Cards 12 for suggesting this video!

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Video Editor: Scott Shawver
Voice Over: Justin Fraction
Written By: Alex Hoegler

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