Yamaha R1 Compilation (1998 to 2017) - Sounds, revs, top speed & more...

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Watch this and choose what's the better year of this monster :) This bike is amazing and through the years it has been improving a lot!

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Thumbnail bike: https://www.instagram.com/monster.r1/
98' - https://goo.gl/vMKX6t
99' - https://goo.gl/6vhRT8
2000 - https://goo.gl/sK9g9G
01' - https://goo.gl/QfnH17
02' - https://goo.gl/3wAHzU
03' - https://goo.gl/w9cbaq
04' - https://goo.gl/BGsyNM
05' - https://goo.gl/ogXstU
06' - https://goo.gl/uwNDvs
07' - https://goo.gl/rTW46n
08' - https://goo.gl/benKoE
09' - https://goo.gl/jP44N9
- https://goo.gl/Rfo9vJ
10' - https://goo.gl/Aj54S1
- https://goo.gl/M5xWk3
11' - https://goo.gl/HXVHjS
- https://goo.gl/fwpqmL
- https://goo.gl/1XLGkV
12' - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10qKtTuAnNM
- https://goo.gl/QVgyCZ
13' - https://goo.gl/1ANuVH
14' - https://goo.gl/JxMRBg
- https://goo.gl/MkDyKW
- https://goo.gl/dGYV64
15' - https://goo.gl/bzf4S9
16' - https://goo.gl/u39foC
- https://goo.gl/Q31F78
17' - https://goo.gl/Lz5xhX
- https://goo.gl/iRXxZu
- Guytoun1968 - https://goo.gl/vFPYhK
- https://goo.gl/xqV8aJ
- https://goo.gl/B39ZxT

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