5 Awesome Lady Revving For Scooters By TopEverything

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1. Let her rip! Shit. Stella's bike died off and does not want to start, the battery is empty! But, thank god, someone helps her with a pushstart. Now the bike is running and Stella has to pay attention not to stall it again. Full throttle! The engine is getting hot and the small bike vibrates under Stella's treatment. Let her rip! features: Bike, Revving

2. Stubborn bike: Curly has bad luck today. Maybe it is her fault because she cannot handle the clutch. So it goes on-off-on-off. Kicking-revving-stalling ....features: Kickstarter, Cranking , Revving, Stalling, High Heels

3. Jessy in leather: Jessy wanted to have a last trip before winter time. She has put on her leather jeans and high heeled boots. But the sooter does not want to start. It needs many tries... but finally it runs. Jessy enjoys the sound and exhaust... how long?features: Kickstarter, Schwalbe scooter, leather jeans, boots, cranking, stalling, revving, exhaust

4. Fanny's tears: Fanny makes despearte efforts to start the Harley again. But it only cranks. The battery gets weak and Fanny is about to cry.
features: Bike, high heels, cranking

5. Mia's fight with Hercules: Somewhen spring will come. And so Mia bought a bike. Today she wants to test it. But - such a shame - it does not start. Mia is kicking like hell - and finally the engine starts. Great, let's have a nice revving. Actually the bike dies off again. Will it start once more?
features: Kicking, Cranking, Stalling, Revving, Boots

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