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This set of detective riddles will help you train your brain and will also let you know if you are capable of killing (03:08) and whether your brain is good enough to become a detective! If you can solve at least half of these crime riddles, then you should start applying for a police academy:

00:14 - Easy crime riddle to get you ready for the main brain workout.
01:42 - Hey, adventurer, you're in for it this time! It seems no one can help you now, the only slight chance you will get out of here is choosing a right door. But this is a tricky puzzle; if you fail, you will be killed anyway. So think carefully before you open the door! A survival riddles with answers and logic brain teasers for the most experienced adventurers😉
03:08 - This blood-freezing test will sow if you're psychologically ready for killing a person😱 I would say I don't even want to know this, but I'm a bit cowardly, you know...Anyway, will you dare to take this test and know if a cold-minded killer hides inside you?
05:34 - Let's see if you would survive if you were kidnapped like these poor guys were! You have to be a genius to outsmart this malicious criminal, don't you? I think so. But enough talking, you have not so much time to decide! Use your logic, because the answer to this short riddle and fun brain teaser is really simple!
06:59 - This breath-taking story will test your ability to think outside the box and quickly find a creative solution for a problem. If you can not get rattled and focus your mental power when you are short of time, then you have a strong ingenious mind! A tricky riddle with answer to boost your creativity and intensively exercise your brain.
08:20 - That's sad if we can't trust even the closest people. But that's no excuse for giving up, is it? You just need to clear everything up and take a firm decision on how to go on. This is what our cheated on man decided to do! So, are you smart enough to guess this cool riddle and find out what brilliant idea he came up with?😉
09:49 - Hey, adventurer, how are you going to get out of that? You need to be incredibly smart to choose the only right way here, so this trap may become your last one😉But if you crack this mystery riddle, this will prove you're a genius and a great witch hunter. But enough talk, you're running short of time!
10:36 - Which car is stolen? Logic puzzle to break your head.
11:39 - Test your instincts and try to guess who among these nice people is a dangerous criminal. This neat old lady? That gloomy man? This cute, but arrogant woman? I don't know...I'm not good at all this paranormal stuff and my intuition is usually sleeping. Will you be able to solve this picture puzzle and identify the criminal? Time's starting now!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS who you think the criminal is in the Thumbnail picture and your result whether you are capable of killing somebody (03:08).

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