Hand Spinners - Fidget Spinners

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The goal of this video is to provide useful information regarding these hand spinner fidget toys, or fidget spinners for those who are interested in learning more about them, or for those who are just getting into this hobby. I will be talking about what they are and their basic construction, what they do, and their uses and benefits, as well as showing off my collection, telling you a bit about each one, and providing information and links regarding making them, and buying them. Most of the information provided is in reference to low cost spinners, and DIY spinners (mainly 3D printed, JB welded, and split ring hanger spinners) as these are what I am familiar with. But I did my best with the limited knowledge I have in this area, to also provide a glimpse into the higher tech world of machined, or solid metal spinners. I hope this video inspires you to make, or buy one for yourself, and I hope I succeeded in explaining how cool these things are :).

Note: I believe the binding post used for the coin buttons was actually 1/4 inch, not 1/2 inch.

Newest Spinner Video! How To Make An Awesome Hand Spinner Fidget Toy (Munsen Ring Spinner):

Awesome Facebook group for everything spinner related, including trades and sales:

A few good shops for 3D Printed spinners:
I have heard some of the spinners from the shop linked below this text can be a bit fragile. But they are supposed to be great spinners.

Some good shops selling higher quality/more expensive spinners:

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