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Watch Full HD Bollywood Hindi Movie Vanilla Kiss

Cast : Iswor Acharya, Sapna Mehat, Pradeep Raj, Pradeep Khadka, Niranjan Mehata, Aditya Tirpathi, Suman Thapa, Saru Bhatrai, Manoj Sah, Babita Paner, Sanjay Prasad Sah, Grishma Dhakal, Suzan, Shambhu, Shusil, Sagar Subba, Amit Pattel
Director : Niranjan Mehta (Manjeet)
Producer : Niranjan Mehta (Manjeet)
Music : Tanka Budhathoki
Lyrics : Shankar Adhikari

Plot: A college has a light hearted ambience of a few girls and boys who are enjoying their lives in college going on dates or parties.
And their small bickering and quarrels are also part of their fun life. Like one of the boys is against the friendship of his sister with one of his friends. But these small misunderstandings and quarrels begin to take another meaning altogether when strange things begin to happen in their college campus and they all begin to get suspicious about each other.
But one day one of the girls falls for a guy and goes missing.
Upon finding they come to know that the girl and the boy had taken a place to spend the night together but next day the girl was found dead. By poisoning.
The boys begin to feel that there is some kind of a psycho in the college premises. And their suspicions begin to come true as they are one day all 4-5 of them, kidnapped and taken to an unknown destination.
Their girlfriends also begin to disappear and two of them are also killed. One of the girl finally confronts the psycho and he reveals to them of the time when was an ordinary nerd student who used to be too interested in his studies. When one of the girls had tried to distract him from his work and tried to seduce him to make love to her he had rebuffed her.
Angry at the humiliation the girl had reported the matter to the teachers and the teacher along with these very boys had confronted him and slapped him for teasing a girl and trying to molest her.
He had then been expelled from college and lost his career because of the studies he could not finish.
He later came back a couple of years later in another avatar and seduced the very same girls and her friends and took his revenge by killing them. And kidnapping the boys who had beaten him and humiliated him and making love to their girlfriends and sisters and later killing them.
The nerd had got his revenge..

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