The 5 Different Types Of BMW Drivers

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The 5 Different Types Of BMW Drivers

Who are BMW drivers? Are all BMW drivers jerks? Are BMW drivers pricks? Are BMW drivers douchebags?

Well, the short answer is there's a few out there who are. If you're wondering how BMW drivers drive, or what are BMW drivers known for, then this is the video for you. I give you a basic BMW drivers profile for the 5 types of BMW drivers out there today.

For the most part, BMW drivers are not jerks. They use indicators or turn signals, and they're known as the boy next door or the good Samaritan.

Are BMW drivers Douchebags? Well, yes some are. They are one of the types of BMW drivers that I tell you all about.

BMW drivers can be posers. Some of them don't know anything about their cars, they don't know what to do with these cars, and they really don't do anything good with these machines.

There are lots of BMW drivers called the enthusiasts. They love their car and give it all the (strange) love and attention. They know everything about their BMW, and they drive it like it's a race car. Just...don't let the car get rained on. That will kill an enthusiast.

Then there's the Mr. Selfish BMW driver. These are the BMW drivers who are jerks. They tailgate other drivers, freak out on the road, and generally are the worst of the BMW drivers profile.

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