Brave or crazy? Man wears red shirt to hand feed 2,000 pound bull

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Dave grew up hearing the same thing we all did about bulls reacting with severe anger when they see red. And like many of us, he always wondered if this could be true. But unlike most of us, Dave decided to actually try it out by visiting a bull up close and seeing for himself if there was any truth to this. Dave has become friendly with the farmers around the corner from his house in Millbrook, Ontario. They operate a beautiful farm where the animals roam free on a vast property. There are approximately 50 cows and a very large bull named Gus. Although bulls are known for being unpredictable and even grumpy, Gus has always been very agreeable. Over the past year, Dave has been visiting these cows and recording them and he often takes a bag of corn as a treat. The cows love corn! But Gus prefers bread and it's always a good idea to bring Gus an entire loaf when you wander into his meadow with his ladies. It didn't take Gus long to figure out that Dave had some food. Within a few seconds of stepping over the fence, Dave was surrounded by cows looking for a snack. Gus was among them and he walked over with all the confidence that you would expect from a massive bull. Dave was now desperately hoping that it was all a myth that red would make bulls angry. He was ready to throw the bread and hop the fence, if needed, but it turns out that Gus didn't care about Dave's wardrobe at all. Gus stood and sniffed the first bread slice and then his enormous tongue reached out like a hand, curling around the treat and pulling it into his cavernous mouth. He repeated this as fast as Dave could feed him until the entire loaf was gone. He also ate some pita bread, although he definitely found that more chewy than he liked. Gus even enjoyed a head scratch and face rub when the food was gone. Gus is a pretty relaxed bull who is living the good life on this ethical farm. He has hundreds of acres to graze, ponds full of fresh water to drink, and a large herd of cows to keep him occupied. It's a stress free life with very few things to worry about. The cows happily graze, chew their cud, and nurse their calves. Like a proud father, Gus watches them all protectively. Not surprisingly, many of the calves are black and look just like little versions of Gus. It's safe to say that Gus doesn't care what color your shirt is, as long as you have his favorite food.

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