Hummingbird Babies Birth to Fledging the Nest ~ First Flight ~ Amazing!

08 May 2012 08:17 3,113
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A beautiful documentary which follows mama and two baby Allen's hummingbirds from birth to fledging. Filmed in Los Angeles, California. High Definition. Original Music by Sheri Watson from her album "Shuniya." PLEASE READ FURTHER TO LEARN CORRECTED INFORMATION ABOUT THE BIRDS AND PLEASE NOTE: Hummingbirds are federally protected wildlife. Do not attempt to rescue or interfere with a hummingbird without first contacting your local Hummingbird Rescue for information. All filming of this video was done only after being in contact with licensed Hummingbird Rescue experts for guidance. It has, still, been brought to my attention through some comments that I should not have filmed the birds that close. Please take what I have been advised and do not film birds close up unless you have a very long lens or a web cam. I apologize to the bird lovers I have upset by this ignorance on my part. I can be contacted at ADDITIONAL NOTE: I inadvertently passed on incorrect information in this video. The "squirt" from the beak of the babies is actually their tongue. Also, the woman I spoke to from the hummingbird rescue referred to the baby's "hair" and I say that several times in the video. I have been otherwise informed that the "hair" should be called "feathers." I also failed to mention that the nests are often secured using spider webs. And, it turns out the first bird to leave the nest is the male, not the female. I have a newly edited and more informative version of this same video, available for schools or educational purpose.

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