A new model of beliefs for success |Vishen Lakhiani

14 Jan 2016 42:53 232
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In this video, Vishen Lakhiani reveals 5 rules that allow you to rewire your beliefs on success — so you can shatter through the ceiling of mediocrity, live a meaningful life, and become wildly successful. To dive deeper on how to tap into altered states as a tool for living extraordinary with Vishen's FREE MASTERCLASS here: https://go.mindvalley.com/8BZ57QIf


01:59 A story of a false start
06:17 Why Americans dislike their jobs today
10:42 Important rules for rewriting our beliefs on success
15:22 Dream big and your problems become small
20:12 Do not ask your kid "What do you want to be"
26:04 There is a term in the human race called "Craptastic"
29:13 Why it ain't easy
35:19 Know your minimum liveable income


In this video, you’ll discover…
► The BIGGEST beliefs that cause most people stress, worry and struggle — and how you can rewire them to begin overcoming fear and accelerating your success.
► What the most extraordinary people in the world have, and how you can get it too (hint: they don’t have a career OR a business… but something far greater.)
► How to become so driven to pursue a goal, no amount of fear or failure could ever stop you.
► The entrepreneurial myth that “you have to start a business to become successful” — and what the truth really is on how to be successful.
► Why “following your passions” is wrong, and actually quite dangerous, and how you should live your life instead.
► Why it’s time for you to start being unrealistic with your goals and dreams.
► And much, much more…

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