Top 10 Ways All You Can Eat Buffets Make MONEY!

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Did you ever wonder How All-You-Can-Eat Buffets Really Make Their Money, and what is behind the real reason buffets are disappearing? Pretty much everyone watching this has eaten at a buffet at some point in their lives. We're not talking about those terrible potlucks you’ve been to, we're talking about restaurants that allow you to take your plate and gorge yourself to your heart’s content… and until it starts beating irregularly. So, we wanted to lift the veil that exists at those restaurants to find out the different ways that they are making money off of a business model that you'd think would be one of the more difficult in terms of turning a profit. Get ready to discover how buffets make money by watching this Top 10 video.

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0:41 They Rely on Seasonal Ingredients
2:02 Influencing Portions
3:39 Gigantic Drink Glasses
4:58 Where is the silverware?
6:10 More Starch, Please!
7:48 Cutting Meat
9;21 The Layout
10:46 Serving Mediocre Meat
12:30 Cooking Food Ahead of Time
14:19 They Can Sell Their Garbage

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