SCM Routomat

27 Jun 2013 01:30 1
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Making cribbage boards with an SCM Routomat, back when I owned one. I think the machine was made in Italy in 1987 and was running with the original NUM 750 controller. The tool changer was about the fastest I've seen, and if the machine were updated with a newer controller, it would really change quickly (the Z axis is just very slow to position up and down for each tool change). Still quite functional as it is though. Note that the tool is changed while the machine is cutting with the other head, so the time usually spent waiting for the tool to be inserted is completely avoided. This machine had a 6 tool linear changer, though you could also get it with an 8 tool rotary changer.

This was a test run of the program, and I eventually sped up the hole drilling process by hand coding the Z motions instead of using the canned drill cycle.

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