Guess who's back...CHANNEL REBOOT

14 Apr 2018 00:24 2
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First of all, FRIDAY THE 13TH!!!! Also, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 2000+ SUBSCRIBERS!!! It really means a lot that you guys saw potential in me, and stuck around during my hiatus. Thank you for being so patient with me. I have so much planned for this channel, and i'm making time for it this year. If these two years have taught me anything it's that i shouldn't wait to pursue my dreams...Jim Carrey said it best, "You can fail at something you hate, so why not go for what you love?" so, please bear with me for just a little bit longer.
I'm so excited to show some new animations i've been working on. I've also thought about dabbling in audio drama/narrations (because i love audio drama AND it would act as secondary content while i'm working on the animations). I have an original series that I'm almost done with, so stay tuned...second, i don't know why the letters jump around in the animation. They didn't do that while i was animating.

Music used: LawnReality - Days Past. Thanks for allowing me to use this song.

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