Peacock Spider 7 (Maratus speciosus)

02 Mar 2013 03:03 3,548
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This spider is a male Maratus speciosus (Coastal peacock spider) and this is its way to appeal to a potential female mate (the brown spider at the end). It is approximately 4 mm in length and inhabits coastal dunes near Perth in Western Australia.

Hard to believe but there is no footage of this species yet in any wildlife documentary and although it has been known since 1874, it was not until I photographed and filmed it that the world took notice. If you are after a scientific paper that I coauthored this spider's courtship you can download 119.1 from the Peckhamia website
Thanks to David Knowles from Perth for providing me with the spiders shown in this clip.

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Filming, editing and music selection: Jurgen Otto
Equipment"Canon 60D and 100 mm macro lens.

Music in order of appearance:
Fossils (Graham Pagano)
Didgeridingo (David Anstey)
All music from

Still images of this spider on flickr:

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