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1 in 3 women worldwide will experience physical or sexual violence in their lifetime, usually from a male partner (WHO). Show that you never tolerate violence against women. Share the movie and start your involvement at www.kjaerepappa.no #DearDaddy


Schjærven Advertisng Acency
Gry Sagvolden, Copywriter
Jens Gundersen, Art Direction
Knut Røse, Client Director
Mari Kristina Skaar Gjelstad, Project Manager
Jens Irvung, Graphic Design
Marianne Blindheim Eriksen, Content Manager
Pål Østen Rygh, Developer
Sarah McDonald, Norwegian voice/ English voice

Tangrystan Film Poduction
Beate Tangre, Producer
Nina motzfeldt, Project Manager
Gry Sætre, Producer
Jakob Strom, Producer and Director
Tormod Berge, Finishing
Alexan Magnusson, B-foto
Henrik Bel Gaied, Production Manager
Sarah Grey, Producer
Henrik Bellan, Production Manager
Nina Hobert, Composer and Swedish voice
Andres Rignell, Cinematographer
Alexan Magnusson, First assistant camera
Ola Ohlsson, Editor (Chimney)
Ole Marius Elvestad, Second Unit Tilt Drone
Christian Rudheim, Locationfinder
Sabina Törnberg, Colorist (Stopp)
Mattias Eklund, Sound (Chimney)
Christoffer Glans, Camera/First assistant camera
Johanna Louise Hügle, Mobil camera/actriss

Clockwork Postproduction
Gard Andreassen, Agency Producer
Hannah Hunter, Post Producer
Vårin Andersen, Cut
Andreas Aanerud, Media Manager
Ronny Aagren, Online and Cut
Semming Haraldsen, Sound design

CARE Norway
Hilde Vanvik, Marketing and Communications Manager
Therese Leine Søgård, Project Manager and Communications Advisor

Thank you to Artistgruppen, c/o Jones och Fröken casting for helping out with the casting.
And to all the actors, THANK YOU.

The campaign is supported by NORAD, the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation.

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