Ep. 6 How to Get a Fat Snare Sound

17 Apr 2018 13:00 64
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There are all sorts of products you can buy to modify the sound of your drums. By far the most effective and versatile is often forgotten about: a drum key! Certain add-on accessories can be great in a pinch, but knowing how to tune for the desired sound will always give you more to work with.

In Ep. 6 we illustrate in detail how to tune a Ludwig Supraphonic (though these methods can be applied to any snare drum) to sound as big and fat as possible without any specialized drumheads (we're using an Evans UV1 over a Snare Side 300). This sound translates well both in live performance and in the studio. If you want to maximize on the sound, adding some compression and equalization in a mic'd scenario will quickly have your drum sounding huge.

*Please note: We've left the detailed tuning/pitch matching sections in real-time so you can see & hear the adjustments being made.*
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