Westworld Season 1 Episode 9 “The Well-Tempered Clavier” Review!

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If a puppet was to find that it spent its entire existence wrenched around by a marionettist’s strings, would it find it within itself to stage a rebellion – not only for itself, but for every other puppet made to dance the dance of its puppeteer? And would a piano turn on its pianist for playing a sour tune? Sadly, once Bernard wises up to his creator’s twisted ways, he’s helpless to thwart the man’s schemes and conduct a symphony of his own. Meanwhile, William rejects Logan’s tune and decides that he will no longer play second fiddle to this insufferable asshole – even if it means leaving a body count of his own. Dolores goes to “confession” at the fateful church, where she realizes that she snuffed out the life of the man to whom the voice in her head belongs, and Maeve goes back to “hell” with a new partner in crime, whose eyes are now wide open to the senselessness of their reality. If Ford thinks it’s time to unveil his new living novel without any hindrances, he’s got ANOTHER thing coming. As painful as it is to know that we have to go back “offline” for many, many months after next week, we have had a mind-boggling run thus far. One more chapter – Ford’s first major outing, and quite possibly his last. Brace your bods, ladies and gents! And thank you so much for watching!

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