Body Science Donut Ring Cushion

20 Sep 2016 01:10 2
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About the Product
PORTABLE ORTHOPEDIC COMFORT: The BodyScience donut ring pillow is designed to provide medical-grade support and unparalleled comfort. Compact and lightweight, it can be effortlessly carried, fitting over virtually any office, vehicle, car, truck, plane, kitchen, patio chair or wheelchair, for your ultimate convenience.

CONTOURED CUSHIONING: This innovative cushion features designated curving, which accommodates your legs and tailbone. Promoting even weight distribution and boosting blood circulation to the lower extremities, our donut ring cushion relieves pressure on your coccyx, tailbone and hips, helping you advance your recovery, by maintaining proper posture and spinal alignment, while sitting.

TARGETED PAIN RELIEF: Recommended for those convalescing from surgery or following a mobility rehabilitation regimen, our donut ring cushion is a foolproof choice for those suffering from lower back pain, coccyx or tailbone injuries, hemorrhoids, bed sores and ulcers, pilonidal cyst, prostatitis, or general, perineal pain.

EASY TO CLEAN: Our donut ring cushion's removable velour cover is 100% Machine Washable, helping you maintain your cushion fully hygienic and ready to use, at all times. Great for travel, driving, or sitting outdoors on flat surfaces, such as stadium bleachers, you're going to want to take your brand new BodyScience cushion everywhere you go!

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