An inside look at how the FBI develops engaging video

13 Jul 2018 58:20 1
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Do you want to learn how to create a successful video strategy from beginning to end?

Bryce Spivey, Chair of the Video Production Pros community, talks with Steve Lewis, a digital content strategist and public affairs specialist from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, about a video and story series he produced that resulted in the highest viewership and online engagement rates to date for their division.

We will discuss everything from concept to completion, including marketing, collaboration, overcoming challenges, lessons learned, and more.

What you will learn:
How to work with minimal resources: from concept development to producing video
Developing a content strategy for a video and story series: from messaging and scene planning to marketing and promotion
Backpack journalism: producing video and photo content on your own with minimal gear
Utilizing tools like 360 video, photography, and audio to tell a story
Leveraging different digital and traditional communications vehicles to get the most eyes on your content

This talk is aimed at video producers, directors, cinematographers / DPs, editors, social media and digital content managers, and anyone else interested in widening their reach through telling stories.

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