How Should I Fight my Bully - Ways to Stop Bullying

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As a fighting channel, people always ask me, "how should I fight my bully?" Well, as you know, fightTIPS believes in non-violent fight resolution. You don't have to physically fight necessarily. Of course we teach you how to properly defend yourself, but that's only if you absolutely have to. Up until that point, I want you to use your voice and your confidence to stop bullying.


Stand up to your bully, but catch him/her off guard. You want to find them when they're not with their friends, so that you can both be straight up genuine with each other. If a fight happens, not only do you risk injury and/or suspension from school, but he could retaliate with his friends or with a weapon. So you want to end it early, but trying to resolve it verbally. There are no perfect words to say, so just be honest, but polite; Respectful, but confident.

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