Pontiac GTO Tri-Power 389 TIME-LAPSE Engine Rebuild | Redline Rebuild - S2E4

12 Dec 2018 10:03 6,067
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It all started with some bins of rusty Pontiac 389 parts and a block with a gaping crack in one cylinder the size of a tennis ball. Could we save it? There was only one way to find out. Lucky for you, we gave the entire endeavor our famous Redline Rebuild treatment, compressing several months of hard work into an action-packed 10-minute video articulating every aspect of this rags-to-riches Tri-Power Poncho.
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Song 1 - "Late Night Groovin'" by Marc Wallaoch
Song 2 - "Pirate Surf" by Stoney Waters
Song 3 - "Surf and the Beach" by Musicalman

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