Too Excited about Pears! (Question Tuesday with Hank)

07 Jan 2017 03:58 1,592
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10th Anniversary Woodcut Prints:

Claire Emery is going to be at NerdCon Nerdfighteria to do a couple of woodcut demos if you're going to be there! You can see more of her work here:

The Many Plans to Reform Obamacare:

I did get asked some actual hard questions...and I even answered them...and then I looked back and the video was 12 minutes long...

Turns out answering just one hard quesiton on Vlogbrothers is hard enough, and that's not really the sprit of the Question Tuesday. I might edit those into smaller videos and put them on Twitter, Facebook and/or Hankschannel if I have time. Basically, hard questions are hard...

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