Vintage Paraffin Blow Torch Restoration

27 Apr 2018 12:25 614
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Tools used in this video:

Steel wire bits for cleaning -
Rotary Tool -
Concentrate Degreaser -
Metal polish -
Mannesmann Socket Set -

I bought this old blow torch for £3. As you can see it's in a fairly bad condition. I thought this would make a perfect Restore It project as I haven't worked with brass before. I start by dismantling the torch completely. I then clean and degrease every part. Once dry I remove what's left of the gasket material around one of the holes. I then dissolve salt in vinegar and add flour to create a paste I can cover the brass parts with. This will react with the brass and give it a reddish copper finish that looks a lot brighter than before. I then remove the sticker and start to clean/polish the brass parts with a brass wire brush in a drill press. This brings the brass to an almost reflective finish. I now move onto the previously black parts. All of which need basting and preparation for painting. Once ready, I apply heat resistant black and lacquer paint to the parts surrounding the nozzle and pipes. I then etch, primer, colour and lacquer the handle and support piece with normal paint. After I have finished the painted parts, I move back to the brass parts. I use metal polish and a leather buffing wheel to really make the brass pop. It actually came up a lot nicer than I thought it would. Whilst doing all of this, I had a sticker printed that looked very similar to the original design. I took a photograph from the internet, removed the imperfections, added the banner at the bottom and brightened up the colour. Which was then added to the torch. A new gasket was made from chemical and heat resistant gasket material and added just before reassembling the entire torch and completing the restoration.

Disclaimer: I am no professional. I am completely self-taught and would appreciate any feedback, advice or constructive criticism.

I don't add music to these videos so that you can choose to listen to what you like if you would like to.

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