Flying & Sacrifice Armbars: Comprehensive Instructional Video

13 Jun 2017 25:53 0
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In this video, Nikolas and Josiah Collier (Brown Belts in The Collier Method of Judo) show you an arsenal of flying and sacrifice armbars you can do while you and your opponent are both standing! Many of these variations and combinations have never been seen before. Nik and Si will even show you what to do if your opponent blocks your armbar attack. Nik's amazingly fast sit-n-spin armbar has submitted opponents in both the Southern and Northern states of the USA. You'll get expert instruction from the only people qualified to teach the Collier Method of Judo. Nik and Si Collier are sponsored by the world famous 87Eleven Action Design, which produced and directed such movies as: John Wick, John Wick Chapter 2, and more!

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