Sailor Moon Crystal Transformation - Super Jupiter Crisis Power

29 Nov 2016 00:56 293
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Original work by TOEI
Insta: @mobi0392
Snapchat: @mobi0392

In my still ongoing quest to get better at animation, I took Jupiter's Season 3 transformation from Sailor Moon Crystal and tweaked it so she transforms into her Crisis outfit!! I also made some animation tweaks and added things here and there. I added a lot of frames and really tweaked the part when the camera pans up from her boots to her face. Hope ya like it!

I just want to take a moment to say the following. I do read the comments you guys post on my videos occasionally, and I want to address some of them to share some perspective with you, the viewer, and the whys behind what I'm doing.. When I do these trace over animations, I'm not trying to say anything about the art style of the original video - I'm just trying to learn how to animate. And I've learned a lot since my first attempt. I do this to get better because it's something I love doing. Thank you for your constructive feedback and support.


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