All Shiki Deaths

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Time of Death:
0:22 Always trust a doctor
0:40 Chizuru
1:05 The hunt begins
2:25 A father and son
2:49 Boom! Headshot!
3:04 Don't bring a gun to a hammer fight
3:33 Massacre in the pipeline
6:11 A less than hearty tune
6:40 Hasegawa shows mercy
7:31 Going for that gold camo?
7:47 The hunt continues
8:22 A final prayer
8:42 Villagers lose any humanity they had left
9:18 Lucky break
9:40 Ewwwww....
9:53 Well, she lost it
10:17 Tractor derby
11:33 Killing spree stopped
12:06 Natsuno kamikaze

One of my personal favorite animes, I strongly recommend you go watch Shiki if you haven't seen it. The Dub is really good in my opinion but I haven't watched the Sub so I can't really say which is better. I'd also like to apologize for my CoD references in the Time of Death.

Also Shiki is owned by Funimation, distributed by Aniplex, and made by Daume. It's really confusing, but credit goes to them, and I don't own anything, and all that jazz. Please support the official release.

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