The funniest eaters of the world

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We all have that friend who is obsessed with food, or that friend who is a messy eater.. now you can meet animal friends that are like that too:)

P.S. Put subtitles on for the clip at 1.49. The captions are really funny!    

👍 Animals obsess over food.. think, feel and love.. like us! Thank you to these insta authors that captured this. Credit goes to: @the_wildlifes, @aquariums.ig, @reptiletube, @rhmsuwaidi, @shannon.golden.retriever, @snagfish, @petsofworldzz, @mypetagency, @kiteensmajor, @cutieoninsta, @animal_vp, @petsofworldzz, @instagramanimals, @itsmypet, @animals_hit, @cancunjpurney, @sukameow_, @amazing_terra, @beautiful_puppies1, @dogsprestiges, @wildlifeclup, @catsmajor, @catsfanclubs, @animalsluxury, @@hana__kitty. Please follow them if you love animals! Email me at for requests like song ID, credit correction, clip submission or removal.

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