Battlefield Heroes The Flying Assassin 2

03 Apr 2010 09:51 239
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The long awaited sequel is finally here. Sorry it took so long!

It's bigger, it's better, and it's funner than ever. Focusing on crazy creative kills and lots of laughs, this mushy montage of nutty knifing is excitingly explosive! I really hope you guys like it! This took a lot of work to put together, and I made it just for you!

This will probably be the last Flying Assassin video, since it'll get repetitive fast! But even so, it's been a blast to make these videos, and I've had a great time reading all your comments! Be sure to comment and rate to make this video just as popular as the first! Thanks so much!



Ok, here's the FAQ section, because I get asked these all the time.

Q: Do you still play?

A: Yes I do, I just don't play as often. Also, I live in California, so for all you European players it might be hard to catch me online the same time you are on.

Q: What level is your troop trap?

A: I use a level 5 troop trap. However, a level 1 will work just as well for these stunts.

Q: Can I add you as a friend?

A: Of course. My name on BFH is Adean. My hero's name is AdeanMuertrier. Just fan me and I'll add you, no problem. :)

Q: Can you teach me to do these tricks?

A: Only if you find me on an empty server. Sometimes I like to goof around by myself, but other times I just wanna kick butt. I MIGHT host an event for people who want to learn, but that's a big maybe.

Q: What are the songs?

A: They're in the credits.

Q: I can't see the movie!!!! Reload it for me please!!!

A: No. There are ways to get around the content block, but you'll have to find them yourself. I won't post them here, sorry.

Anyway, I hope this helps. Thanks for all the kind comments and views! :D

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