Hope For Paws: Dorothy a Senior Dog Bites Her Rescuer But Then Makes an Incredible Transformation.

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PLEASE SHARE: Senior dog Dorothy: Hope for Paws received a phone call about a senior dog living on the streets. As she slept n the shade of trees and bushes I attempted to rescue her as she slept. As she woke up, the sudden shock of humans around her caused her to panic and bite Lisa, who placed the leash around her. Dorothy continued to persist any help and kept trying to run, and then suddenly collapsed. With her age and state in mind, we help Dorothy calm down from the dehydration and shock she was suffering from.

Lisa was rushed over to the doctors to heal her bite wound and Dorothy had a full check up at the vets, and went to a foster home to learn how to trust humans again.

With over 30,000 stray, abused, abandoned and homeless dogs in Los Angeles alone, we always encourage adoption as a first choice for a pet.

To adopt Dorothy, please fill an application here:

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