I’ve been in HOSPITAL for half a year because of EXAMS

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"Hi there! My name is Joan, and I want to tell you the story about the way exams and the education system ruined my life. Don’t worry, my story has a happy ending.
On the contrary, the task of my parents was to make me do something except for studying.
I learned to read just about the time I started speaking coherently. In any case, at three, I studied fairy tales quite thoughtfully. And at five, I got to more serious literature. In general, people saw me with a book more often than without it, so the best gift for me, when I started school, was a full-fledged e-book with a huge book collection.
I appreciate the fact that my parents never tried to restrict me or make me do something. There were no bans on inappropriate books. There was no torturous doing homework. Such things were simply unnecessary. I had a perfect sense of responsibility. They even let me stay at home alone since I was 5. They said that I shouldn’t touch the stove or open the door to strangers, and I simply wouldn’t do it. I wasn’t a rebel at all. Only reason and logic ruled my world.
I had another problem. I’ve always set a very high bar for myself. The status of just an excellent pupil wasn’t enough for me – I wanted to be a super-nerd and to know everything I needed and a little more. That’s why, my reports always had reference lists, including scientific ones, and the perfectionist inside made me keep rewriting essays for hours till they were perfect.
There were no good grades in my system of values. I had to get only highest grades, and highest grades plus were even better. No, I wasn’t into grades, I was into knowledge. And since our teachers were extremely fair, my grades were a reflection of my knowledge. Truth be told, my form mistress joked that a new grade should be introduced because the highest grades weren’t enough for me.
But you shouldn’t think that I lived only for studying. I had a social life, friends, and everything that a girl of my age should have. By the way, I always let copy off of me and helped with homework if they asked me to. I don’t know. Therefore, it’s no surprise that I was preparing for graduation as if my life depended on it. Well, just because it was me, and scoring less than 100 wouldn’t satisfy me.
I started preparing in the 10th form, kind of in advance. And I seemed to be quite self-confident, at least I had no reason to be nervous before the exams, unlike most of my classmates. But no one listens to logic when their fate is at stake right now.
I got hooked on sedatives a month before the exams. I felt sick without pills, my hands were shaking, I had nightmares, I even had hallucinations, when I was awake. My nerves were completely wrecked, although my knowledge was enough to pass the exams. I seemed to be a zombie suffering from insomnia to onlookers – a flat-eyed creature with cracked lips and hands holding a book tightly instead of brain.
So, there was the first exam, the second, the third... In total, I had to pass 5 exams. I came apart at the fifth exam. No, I miraculously took the test itself, I gave it to the examiner and fainted. My classmates say that I was lying on the floor for 10 minutes, and they couldn’t bring me to life.
I was treated with everything possible, including horse tranquilizers. They were afraid that it was irreversible and I would remain disabled with a mental disorder. But I recovered. Gradually, I became normal again in six months. But now a lot of things are forbidden to me, especially those that can provoke agitation.
And, by the way, I scored the highest grades in the exams. Although I missed a year, I managed to enter the university I wanted, and I caught up very quickly – I was always called a nerd for a reason. But I’m still puzzled by the education system. I understand that I’m the one to blame for my condition. But are such nervous breakdowns what they really want from children?
I’m not the only one who ended up in hospital that year. Of course, my case was one of the most difficult, but half of the patients were in the hospital due to nervous breakdowns during the exams.
Guys, like this video, if you have exams soon, and remember – don’t chase the ideal. No grades, no points are worth your health! I experienced it first-hand, and I don’t want anyone to go through this. So let your knowledge, instead of grades on pieces of paper, speak for you.

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