We are Savvy 2- 'Ships S2 (Ep 11)

26 Apr 2018 22:34 0
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Savvy talk 'ships - relationships - what you need to build (and keep!) good ones. Sarah and her guy-pal Zander talk about their friendship and go longboarding. Annie, Spencer and Tehya swap clothing with the adults in their lives to see what it's like to literally walk in another person's shoes. And Spannie makes a DIY string curtain.
PLUS: An awesome girl who made a movie with her Dad and some unlikely animal pairings in Cat Chat.

Annie puts Hayden Summerall on the spot about their friendship; YouTube maniacs The Skory's make some interesting food combinations in Snack Attack; and Mom and daughter creator duo, Team Froggy chat about working together... All. The. Time.

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