Clear Your Head - Improvisation with Guitar and Two Looping Boxes

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Man, some days I feel like I wake up from a fog and go…when is the last time I really PLAYED guitar?!?

My work has not been particularly guitar focused in the last month or so. We’ve been in the midst of a deep house/studio cleaning (you could almost call it a cleansing)! Working on resetting the foundation for the next season and with that we’ve had some emotionally exhausting days. On any of these days it feels like there’s SO MUCH TO DO that I don’t even think to sit down for 10-15 minutes and reset. Can you relate?

Like meditating or taking deep breaths, simply playing the guitar can be like medicine. It helps me turn off my brain for a little bit, slow my heart rate, and be truly in the moment, if only for a moment.

So that’s what I did yesterday. With my guitar, a few looping pedals, and my amp, I lost track of time and refreshed myself. It’s continuation of the concepts I laid out in “Grow as a Guitar Player in 15 Minutes”. Have you gone through that practice? As I suggest in the mini course, I filmed my playing to see what came out and now I can share it with you!


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Guitar: Koll Guitars "Big Red" Custom Offset

Diamond Comp SE
Lehle Volume Pedal
Hudson Electronics UK Sidecar
Diamond Memory Lane 2
Neunaber WET Reverb

Heve Revolver
Maneco Labs Sweet 16

Amp: Benson "Ponderosa" head and 2x12 cab.

Attenuator: Fryette Power Station


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