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"I just sweep the floor, and then you throw rubbish from the top of the block. Then after that residents complain. The blame is always on me."

From an estate cleaner, a fast-food server to a cardboard collector - here are some real stories of low-income Singaporeans. Are we guilty of deepening the class divide through our actions?

#RegardlessOfClass examines income inequality - the issue that more than half of 1,036 respondents think is most likely to cause a social divide, according to a survey conducted by Channel NewsAsia.



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Singapore is a city of opportunity. We're a nation built upon the ideals of meritocracy, equality, and justice. But a nationwide survey reveals that Singapore's sharpest social divisions are not based on race, language, or religion, but class.

This new documentary Regardless of Class examines the invisible line that cuts through the heart of a maturing nation.

In the next installment of the "Regardless of" series, Janil Puthucheary, the chairman of, goes on a journey to speak to people across the class spectrums. How deep is this class divide? And how can he bring the two sides together?

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