How Negan Rose To Power In The Walking Dead

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How Negan Rose To Power In The Walking Dead
Discover The 4 Emotions You Need To Make a Killer First Impression:

Negan is one of the most ruthless leader in the world of the Walking Dead. He literally brings Rick Grimes to his knees. And perhaps what’s most scary about him, is that people like him are not just dominant in social interactions (even over guys like Daryl) but they oftentimes DO become leaders in our own world, especially in times where security is so hard to find, like in the Walking Dead.

In this video we’ll break down what traits make Negan such a dominant force, why those make him a natural leader, and how you can handle those traits when you encounter them in real life - without the baseball bat named Lucille obviously.

By the way, spoilers through mid season 7 of the Walking Dead AND some graphic images, because we’re talking about Negan here.

00:30 Negan's body language plays a role
3:22 Negan makes the rules clear
5:38 Negan doesn't just punish, he also rewards
7:06 Negan builds a cult of personality

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