Scars of Dracula - Clip

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Christopher Lee returns to his signature role in this Hammer Studios production, the last of their period era Dracula films. In it,a young lothario named Paul is chased from his girlfriend's birthday party because of an earlier tryst with the local Burgomaster's daughter. Ending up asleep in the back of a carriage, Paul is unwittingly driven to Dracula's castle. When Paul does not return thenext day, his girlfriend Sarah and his brother Simon begin a search for him. They happen upon Dracula's castle, where the Count denies having seen Paul, but insists that the pair spend the night. However, during the night, Simon finds evidence that Paul was indeed in the castle and begins to piece together the mystery. Stylish and brutally violent, SCARS OF DRACULA is another excellent entry into Hammer's Dracula series that includes HORROR OF DRACULA, DRACULA, PRINCE OF DARKNESS, and DRACULA HAS RISEN FROM THE GRAVE.

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