Reason behind Oviya's Suicide Attempt | Bigg Boss Tamil | Aarav, Bindu Madhavi

05 Aug 2017 03:13 350
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The internet was in flames as a rumor raged on that Oviya is in some kind of trouble at the ; house and the Nazarethpet police stormed the premises for an inquiry. The Oviya army and millions of fans were in a tizzy as some went to the extent of suggesting that the actress tried to drown in the swimming pool after Aarav We now have the clarification from reliable sources that indeed the cops called on the sets and left satisfied that all is well with Oviya as well as the show. More on this will be shared with you the minute we have them as the weekend looks all poised for a nail biting episode on the show where the balance could tilt in unpredictable ways

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