Elecciones 2018 EZLN y CNI Congreso Nacional Indígena

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Some 3,000 delegates from the National Indigenous Congress, with the support of the Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN), announced the constitution of an Indigenous Government Council, as an autonomous parallel government for the country.

In the framework of the 23rd anniversary of the armed uprising of the EZLN, in the Caracol II of Oventik, Ce eNe I, today called "all the native peoples of the whole country, all people of good heart to close ranks and to pass to The offensive, "in this new stage of struggle, to rebuild not only as a people but as a nation.

After two days of closed-door sessions, on Sunday, January 1, CeNe I and the EZLN held a plenary meeting open to the media. In it they released the report of the results of the consultation carried out during October, November and December of 2016 in at least 43 different native peoples of the whole country.

The table in which Commander David was present, as host in that bastion of the EZLN of the Highs of Chiapas and by Subcomandante Insurgente Moisés, military command of the armed group, were a half dozen delegates participating in Ce eNe I, who gave To know the details of how Ce Ge I will be created, and how they will profile towards 2018 with an independent female candidate.

"Indignation, resistance and rebellion will figure on the 2018 ballot," said the women who read the results of the consultation in that large auditorium amidst a large, wooden ceiling structure.

They indicated that about 43 different indigenous peoples from 25 states of the country were consulted.

The indigenous agreed to build roads of resistance where the struggle is collective and above all they proposed to eliminate from their communities everything that divides indigenous peoples such as political parties and governmental welfare programs.

They proposed to extend communication and make it permanent among peoples throughout the country; In the same way, to create commissions from the community, the regional, the state and the national.

They indicated that after the consultation during the previous three months, Ce eNe I, was strengthened and doubled its attendance at its plenary meetings, but that they expanded their presence in more communities that participated in the consultation and were not previously considered .

While they expressed the need to respect peoples who do not agree with this process of struggle posed by Ce eNe I and the EZLN, they recognized that in many communities, consultation was not possible due to the situation of violence Or by the change of authorities in those communities.

The women said that after the two-day closed-door meeting, it was agreed to continue the consultation, which would be permanent, as is traditionally the case between indigenous peoples and communities. In addition to being consulted are African Americans and migrants.

As one of the main agreements, they ratified the creation of an Indigenous Government Council (Ce Ge I,) as representative of all the peoples and tribes of this country. This Council, they said, will be collective; Will not do what he can think of, but what all the original peoples who are represented there mandate.

It was also agreed that this Ce Ge I, will have as voice an indigenous woman of Ce eNe I. This same will be the candidate in the elections of 2018.

It was said that it will be May 18 next when the Ce Ge I is formally constituted, and that the voice of that instance will be a woman who has a permanence in Ce eNe I, that belongs to a town originating in Mexico, that speaks that language Indigenous, which must be proposed and legitimized by the assembly, which distinguishes itself as a person who has accompanied the peoples in their struggles.

In addition, if you practice the principles of obedience, you should know that the agreements will be taken by consensus and that those who form the Council and be the spokesperson, should be aware that it will be the Assembly of Ce eNe I, the only one that can remove them from that Charge when you consider it.

The Ce Ge I, will have several commissions, such as security, finance, communication, culture, councils of elders, health, environment and a commission in charge of mother earth and territory.

Such a council that governs all the native peoples of the whole country was defined as an anti-capitalist collective, from below and from the left, that respects the decisions of the people and decisions of Ce eNe I. And that above all will have the capacity to create Alliances with other peoples that are not from CE eNe I.

It was said that the woman candidate will be on the ballot in 2018, but warned:

"Do not confuse us, we do not pretend to compete with them because we are not the same. We are the collective word from below and to the left. "

They indicated that while the country is

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