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Who is your best friend? For me, the answer is clear – my little sister. She's always there to help me or to have fun together and I love her so much! Do you have little sisters or brothers? If yes, take them to the screen and choose your activity for today!

In case you don't have a sibling, you don't have to worry! You can do these awesome crafts and activities for kids with your friends and have a lot of fun together! Enjoy this collection of cool ideas and don't forget to tell me what's your favorite one in the comments.

Magic plasticine crafts – Who doesn't like plasticine? I think that even adults do! In this video, you can find a step-by-step tutorial on making a cool Mignon from the “Despicable me” cartoon, and learn how to make a cute doggy. Did you know that you can make homemade plasticine out of ingredients that everyone has at home - flour, water, salt, and a little bit of vegetable oil. Add some food coloring and voila – cool and colorful plasticine is ready to use. Have fun!

Surprise your friends with a cool DIY trick with soap, food coloring, and water. Add some food coloring into a bowl full of milk, put a drop of liquid soap in the middle and see what happens! Make sure not to drink the milk after the experiment! I don't think it would be tasty:))

Play together with your little sibling using safe paint and your own hands. You can create masterpieces together! A little colorful fingerprint can become anything: from a flower to helicopter – just use your imagination!

Sand painting is another cool and creative activity for kids that you can do at home without spending a lot of money on the supplies: use semolina,water and food coloring to make colorful sand. A white container with light inside of it can be your canvas.

A shadow theater is as old as the world is! Use your hands to make figures of animals: a deer, a rabbit, a spider, a llama, a rooster, a dog, a goose – a whole magic zoo on your wall!

Learn how to create cute animals out of yarn. You have to see that little gray rabbit, it is so cute!

Try to make puffy paint stamps using bottle caps. This easy trick for kids can bring you a lot of fun.

In this video for kids, you will see how to make a cool car with a remote control. The trick is the magnet that is put inside the car. And the car itself is made out of a paper roll and bottle caps! How cool is that?

Have you ever seen a magic blackboard? No? You can find a tutorial on making your own magic colorful blackboard using crayons, black acrylic paint and liquid soap.

Food is a new toy! Your toddler will enjoy making pyramids out of pasta. Maybe there's a future chef in your family – there's only one way to find out. Remember to play safe while you are in the kitchen.

Remember to save ice cream sticks – you can make interesting puzzles out of them. How? You can find it in the video.

It's always better to have fun when you have a good company. The activities we prepared for you in this video are perfect for a group of kids.


0:48 - DIY plasticine
3:22 - Finger painting
5:29 - Shadow theatre
9:34 - A rcar with a remote control


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