JMBullion Silver Eagles and Junk Silver Unboxing

30 Oct 2014 06:34 10
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First off, thanks for watching, liking and subscribing.

Unboxing my first purchase of silver from JM Bullion. This one is a handful of 2014 American Silver Eagles and $10 face value of Junk Silver. JM Bullion offers junk silver in $10 face value sets of dimes, quarters and half-dollars. Check the video to find out what I got in my roll.
This one was very securely packaged on the outside with the total taping of the USPS Priority Mail box and plenty of bubble wrap on the inside to give everything a nice soft ride to its new home. Free shipping on all orders! Well done JM Bullion, I like it a lot.

Lastly, special shout out and thanks to a gentleman and a scholar, MrMnmn911, for his guidance and friendship.

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