OpenBoR games: Russian OpenBoR Mod playthrough part 1: Streets of Rage Russia (NEW DOWNLOAD LINK)

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Since suhmai (aka antyguf) finally after two years finished his OpenBoR game, I decided to record a (probably) final playthrough of an entire Streets of Rage fan game. The first one is Streets of Rage Russia. As I told you earlier, it used to be a Streets of Rage - Final Fight crossover between 2013 and the early 2014. However after the reveal of the new SoRRussia the SoR versions of the Final Fight edits appeared. The background was getting a bit different and it finally got a final boss stage.
I have come up with this plot: The syndicates joined the special forces to travel to Russia in purpose face their common enemy, the gang of Krest. After arriving to Russia they started their adventure in the downtowns at night, fighting the people, who want to rob them. Among the hooligans, prostitutes, ethnical minorities, policemen and boozers there are also the members of Krest's gang. After fighting the bar's bum they are going through the pier and getting away from a city, then they face a recidivist named Urkagan. Later they are walking through a beach and park following their way and they meet Grey the beer dancer, whose minions are the neo-nazis. Having defeated Grey they are coming back to the city to face the another minions of Krest: Nazz, Gopnizza, Boar and Racket. Later they are driving by a subway, where they face the terrorist, who hijacked this vehicle. After getting out of a subway they face Scrap, the leader of the hooligans and gopniks. Scrap, having been defeated, pointed the way to the headquarters of Krest. The aliance from Wood Oak was getting out of a underground station and facing the fanatical soccer supporters and Krest's hired assassin Vandal. After defeating him they finally found out where the headquarters of the gang of Krest. The final battle has begun. Not only was it a challenge for the special forces, but also it was the final place of this gang war. Then they finally find Krest and defeat him. The gang of Krest fell down and after it the alliance was visiting the city. They were going to a restaurant and then buying some souvenirs. Next they were comming back to Wood Oak City. But they were not sure what may have happened in Wood Oak City while all the action.

Streets of Rage Russia: you are here
Streets of Rage Zombie:

You can download it here:
Oldest version:
Newest version (with Streets of Rage Zombies):

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