Jeep JK Ball Joint Installation - Part 1 of 2 Removal

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Specialty tools used:
- Harbor Freight "Four Wheel Drive Ball Joint Service Kit"
- 2" long X 1.25" piece of pipe. (I'm sure that 1.5" diameter would work too)
- 1.5" - 1.75" OD washers (I used four thick ones)
- Small piece of 1/8" thick steel to use as a spacer. I used a thick washer.
- 21mm socket for caliper bolts
- 35mm socket for the axle nut
- 12 point 13mm closed end wrench
- Torque wrench
- might need a pickle fork
- A small box that's strong enough to support the weight of the brake disk and caliper (8" - 12" tall)
- All other required tools are fairly common.

Here's the order of events. (not very useful when taking it apart, but will most likely save some frustration when putting it back together)

1. Remove wheel and clean the working area. A pressure washer works great.
2. Remove the two 21mm caliper bolts and place the brake disk and caliper on the box
3. Remove the speed sensor
4. Remove 3 12 point 13mm bolts, axle nut, unit bearing and axle shaft
5. Remove ball joint cotter pins and castle nuts
6. With the 2" piece of pipe and washers, press out the upper ball joint
7. Press out the upper ball joint
8. Press out the lower ball joint

I could have save a lot of time, by printing out the following and keeping it next to me during the install

Installation: (this assumes that you will torque all fasteners to spec and use thread locker when required)
1. Press in the lower ball joint
2. Install zerk fitting if applicable
3. Using the 1/8" spacer, press in the upper ball joint
4. Install Zerk fitting if applicable
5. Install the grease boots (do not grease yet)
6. Using the lower ball joint castle nut, place the knuckle in position
7. Place the speed sensor wire holder, in place on the upper ball joint and install the upper castle nut
8. Torque the castle nuts to spec and install cotter pins
9. Grease the ball joints if applicable
10. Install axle
11. Run the speed sensor wire through and install the dust cover, unit bearing and axle nut
12. Install the speed sensor
13. Install the brake disk and caliper...
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