Eagle Ate Too Much to Fly!

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_Our Mission_
Founded in 1997 in Cedar City Utah, we are a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to wildlife rescue and rehabilitation, wildlife and environmental education, and the development of the Cedar Canyon Nature Park.

_Rescue, Rehabilitate and Release_
The Southwest Wildlife Foundation of Utah (SWF) cares for more than 100 sick, injured and orphaned native wildlife annually. Restoring them to health and returning them to the wild is our primary goal, but for those that cannot be released due to disabilities, the Cedar Canyon Nature Park (CCNP) can provide them with a permanent home in a natural setting while enhancing our visitors educational experience at the park.

_Informing, Educating and Inspiring_
The SWF provides over 100 educational programs reaching over 30,000 people annually. We believe providing educational outreach programs to schools, scout groups and community events, with focus on children and families, will make the greatest impact in preserving our wildlife, the environment, our public lands and our resources for future generations to enjoy.

The CCNP is 22.6 acres of beautiful canyon property donated by Pacificorp, in Cedar City, Utah. We are in the process of developing a permanent wildlife rescue facility and Nature Park for the children of Utah. Sitting on the transition point between the Colorado Plateau and the Great Basin, the CCNP’s mission is focused on fostering appreciation, knowledge and wise stewardship of the Colorado Plateau and Great Basin environments, which include wildlife, botany, geology, history, and native culture.

Increased educational opportunities mean an increased awareness, knowledge and appreciation for the land we call home.
At age twelve, Martin Tyner started caring for the sick, injured and orphaned creatures in his home town of Simi Valley, CA. At age nineteen, Tyner was hired as curator of birds of prey at Busch Gardens, CA. He worked in the movie and television industry training big cats, elephants, primates, sea mammals and raptors.

_Martin Tyner_

Martin Tyner is a federally licensed falconer, eagle falconer, wildlife rehabilitator, wildlife propagator, and wildlife and environmental educator. He has been providing wildlife and environmental programs throughout the western United States, to schools, scouts and community groups for over forty years.

Martin Tyner is the founder of the Southwest Wildlife Foundation, which is a 501(c)(3) non-profit wildlife rescue, wildlife and environmental education organization. With the help of his golden eagle, Bud, they received a donation of 22.6 acres of beautiful, canyon property from Utah Power/Scottish Power for the development of a permanent wildlife rescue facility and a nature park for the children of Utah.

In 2005 Martin and Bud were honored by the Utah State Legislature for over a quarter-century of wildlife rescue and wildlife and environmental education in Utah. Martin Tyner is one of America’s foremost wildlife rehabilitators, a master falconer, eagle falconer, and wildlife and environmental educator. He travels throughout the west providing wildlife programs accompanied by his devoted companion, Scout, a wild golden eagle.

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